Ubuntu 5.10 kernel panic!

November 14, 2005

On an older machine beside my Mac, guess what I was up to tonight?

I ran into errors in the step: “Install the base system”
Installing the kernel linux-386 errored out twice, so I chose a different kernel the third time: linux-image-386 and that errored out too (check /target/var/log/bootstrap.log for details).

I moved to the next step: copy remaining packages to the hard disk and that errored out too with a message that maybe I should try burning the ISO at a slower speed. Maybe it was the result of a bad disk. Note for future use: burn ISO at slower speed.

Just saw that there is a Ubuntu WP blog already, cool. Looks like there might be some good hints and tips there too but didn’t find too much on installation troubleshooting.

Next, I tried checking the CD integrity and indeed there was something wrong with the CD. So, I tried burning a second CD at a slower 12X speed instead of the max and checked the integrity of that one. It failed the first test, but passed the second time I ran it … huh?

(Note: I have a Unbuntu 5.04 Live disk that I burned and used for my laptop awhile back and that worked once I removed the Linksys PCMIA card and booted with a standard ethernet connection. Guess there are numerous issues with LinkSys PCMIA cards and Linux.)

My second burned ISO at 12X speed results
It failed at the “install the kernel” stage too. Two discs, nearly two hours of time (good thing I was doing other things) and it still couldn’t finish the installation.

Finally, pulled out the CD and rebooted. The message during the boot? “Kernel panic.”

Yeah, that sums it up.

As great as Ubuntu may or may not be, this is the part that will keep John Q. Public from using it. First of all, how many regular people even know how to burn an ISO? Once people get past that if they have the problems I just described above, they’ll eventually say screw it and go out and buy Windows or a Mac. Life is too short.

Guess I’ll try this another day. Maybe.


One Response to “Ubuntu 5.10 kernel panic!”

  1. Martin Says:

    At least burning iso images is real easy on a mac.

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