WordPress 2.0 Theme Design Competition?

December 5, 2005

Just received the following comment on another blog (verbatim):

I had organise a WordPress 2.0 Theme Design Competition for the very first time. You can check it out at http://kcyap.com/?p=47

I am happy if you can help me to blog about it and send me the link to your entry or you can add your blog link entry to my comment. Im looking forward to get an email from you.


That comment is verbatim, including errors. I checked out the blog and it seems like this might be valid but WP 2.0 isn’t even an official released version yet, so I’m wondering about this one.

Anybody else know about this? Also, when is 2.0 coming out officially instead of through the CVS?


4 Responses to “WordPress 2.0 Theme Design Competition?”

  1. geminigeel Says:

    The release of WP 2.0 will be the same as the old version there is only some new features available. You can check out the beta version now. I am very sure the Final works gonna be the same. I am joining this competition, wish me luck.

  2. Stuart Says:

    Guys, the WP Theme competition started and didn’t take off because this guy basically disappeared with 188 different themes submitted from around the world. Looked like a scam, but there are some guys taking over the competition, and need some support. http://www.wordpressarena.com. It looks so raw, I hope it takes off. 😀

  3. vera_vanilla Says:

    WORDPRESS THEME CONTEST SCAM COMMITTED BY KCYAP ( aka Justin Yap – ahkiong@gmail.com).
    The real person behind the posting of daily entries in 2dayblog.com is Malaysian blogger Justin Yap. Justin’s own website is kcyap.com but he committed a wordpress contest scam earlier this year and he is now hiding behind the 2dayblog.com website. His kcyap.com website is now redirected to 2dayblog.com. If you type “kcyap +scam” in Google or Yahoo search box, you can view pages relating to the scam committed by kcyap.

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