Tried to get working with a second non blog — a blog running on one of our servers and kept receiving 403 bad user/pass combination. Still working through this one.

It seems like Cori is having similar problems.

Took some screenshots of the XMLRPC log files with the unsuccessful OPML Editor attempt:

and a successful attempt using zoundry:

Dave, if you are reading this, it looks like an encoding issue from the OPML Editor as all other parameters being passed are good (username/password).


testing OPML Editor

November 24, 2005

Testing out posting to through Winer’s OPML Editor. Instructions are here: here. A very helpful screencast is here by Raymond (thanks!).

OPML Editor + WordPress

November 23, 2005

Dave Winer is working on incorporating functionality to post via the metaweblogAPI to WordPress powered blogs with his OPML Editor:

I am using the editor to write this post. That’s a good sign. It’s quite primitive, note that I have to enter the HTML code to start a new paragraph. But the basic connection is there, using the Metaweblog API, and the next steps will be adding new features to make things a bit more automatic, and perhaps easier to set up.

He’s also working on a server version of the OPML Editor where you can host your own OPML Editor-powered blog. It is a different blogging experience using his editor. Takes a bit to get used to. He has a version for Macs now too.

Seems like we both like the same template too. I sure hope there is more template customization allowed in the future otherwise a lot of blogs are going to look the same just like MSN Spaces (although there are many other templates available for Spaces).