First Shoutout test

June 28, 2006

First Shoutout test

(Grouper broke their own link, removed)

Testing video functionality to
Add a video comment to this video


The following tutorial, with code, uses the scriptilcious library and some custom code to add a live search to WordPress. I might try this on one of our blogs. AJAX for search on the same page is handy for users.

2.0 download now available

December 27, 2005

Just noticed tonight that WordPress 2.0 is now available for download.

I just installed Dave’s OPML Editor on the Mac and then went do download the WordPress.Root and Safari kept wanting to save it as a text file. So I went over to my Windows machine and zipped up the WordPressROOT file and then downloaded from Safari there.

Next, I copied over the WordPress.root file to FINDER->Applications->OPML->apps->Tools directory, per Dave’s instructions. Then it was a matter of choosing the red O in the dock and selecting the menu above:

From here, it was the same as on Windows. Fill out the default values for this blog (username, password and url) and then for my Mac Mode blog which is the other place I’ve been testing this out at today. Now let’s save this and see how it works here.

Testing OPML editor with multiple blogs installed. Guess the title kind of covers this one.

Seems like I wasn’t the only one working away at fixing this problem. Cori’s solution is available here which is essentially replacing your WordPress xmlrpc.php file with the one he modified on line 518 and 519 by adding trim to the user login and password in the MetaWeblogAPI section.

Tried to get working with a second non blog — a blog running on one of our servers and kept receiving 403 bad user/pass combination. Still working through this one.

It seems like Cori is having similar problems.

Took some screenshots of the XMLRPC log files with the unsuccessful OPML Editor attempt:

and a successful attempt using zoundry:

Dave, if you are reading this, it looks like an encoding issue from the OPML Editor as all other parameters being passed are good (username/password).

Testing including my turkey drawing from my TabletPCBlogs blog (cool, when you close the link, it automatically creates the hyperlink). Now here is the drawing itself:

. Now this image might be broken because I need to add this blog to the accepted call list in the htaccess.

Yup, that’s what happened.