Geeks are Sexy writes:

Here's a little guide that will help you install and run WordPress locally on your XP box in less then 10 minutes

Software used: xampp Windows lite
Hat Tip to Darren.


Just received the following comment on another blog (verbatim):

I had organise a WordPress 2.0 Theme Design Competition for the very first time. You can check it out at

I am happy if you can help me to blog about it and send me the link to your entry or you can add your blog link entry to my comment. Im looking forward to get an email from you.


That comment is verbatim, including errors. I checked out the blog and it seems like this might be valid but WP 2.0 isn’t even an official released version yet, so I’m wondering about this one.

Anybody else know about this? Also, when is 2.0 coming out officially instead of through the CVS?

OPML Editor + WordPress

November 23, 2005

Dave Winer is working on incorporating functionality to post via the metaweblogAPI to WordPress powered blogs with his OPML Editor:

I am using the editor to write this post. That’s a good sign. It’s quite primitive, note that I have to enter the HTML code to start a new paragraph. But the basic connection is there, using the Metaweblog API, and the next steps will be adding new features to make things a bit more automatic, and perhaps easier to set up.

He’s also working on a server version of the OPML Editor where you can host your own OPML Editor-powered blog. It is a different blogging experience using his editor. Takes a bit to get used to. He has a version for Macs now too.

Seems like we both like the same template too. I sure hope there is more template customization allowed in the future otherwise a lot of blogs are going to look the same just like MSN Spaces (although there are many other templates available for Spaces).

With the Democracy AJAX / PHP plugin you can add a poll to your powered site. It’s a snap to install:

1) just FTP the directory to your wp-content/plugins directory
2) add to your template where you want the poll to appear one snippet of code (see readme.txt)
3) then create your poll in the manage/democracy tab.